Fiction Friday: Remembering

Kelly sits on the grass beneath the apple tree.  She puts down her sketch pad and leans back, resting on the trunk of the tree, eyes closed.  The warm sun.  The scent of apple blossoms.  The buzz of bees.  The feeling of the bark of the tree, uneven against her back. An ant crawls along her leg.  The wind rustles gently in the leaves.  There is an earthy smell in the air.

She remembers that, as a child, she would to lie on the grass and look at the blue sky through the individual blades of grass.  Together, the blue and green were the most beautiful colours in the world.  She would lie there for what felt like hours and feel at one with the world.  She felt like she could see the grass growing in front of her eyes. Close to the earth. Warm in the sun.  Nothing else.

She frowns.  How did it happen?  How has she stopped noticing the beauty of the world? It is easy to blame it on time, obligations, deadlines.  Running to catch the train. It is easy to think that the world has changed.  Traffic jams, office towers, concrete.  People hurrying, rushing, intent.

But, the world hasn’t changed.  Not really.  The bees still buzz and the wind still moves through the trees.

Thunder rumbles.  It will rain soon.  Wrapping the beauty of the world around her, Kelly picks up her sketch pad and walks quickly back to the house as the first drops begin to fall.  She will carry this moment forward with her into the days, weeks and months ahead.

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